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29 July 2006 @ 01:21 am
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[music| ] The Kill -- 30 Seconds To Mars.

These are the sentences I did for 1sentence. They star Connor MacManus and Murphy MacManus from The Boondock Saints. READ.

Like fo' seriously.

02. Hero
Murphy never told Connor that he completely idolized him and knew that he was the older brother in some distant part of his stomach; he never needed to since Connor already knew.

03. Memory
Connor and Murphy grew up together, and sometimes their memories overlapped and their younger selves blurred together into one child, because they couldn’t remember who was doing what.

04. Box
Murphy could never quite confess to Connor how terrified he was of being shot and the idea of dying because it meant being stuffed into a box that was covered in dirt for all eternity, separated permanently from his twin.

05. Run
Connor had been surprised to see Murphy being picked on one day when they were at school – everyone got along with Murphy; and before Connor had thought about what he was doing he was racing across the playground, fists flailing.

06. Hurricane
They stood in the middle of a raging rainstorm and Murphy screamed at Connor, his dark hair dripping into his eyes as they fought for the first time in years.

07. Wings
All the neighbors thought they were angels.

10. Drink
Murphy loved to re-enact the funny bits of their “job” when he had too many drinks; Connor liked to hit him when he was upside down on the table and flailing.

11. Midnight
It was midnight in the middle of a broken down jail cell and Connor and Murphy felt holy; blessed as Saints.

13. View
Connor used to love to go up to the roof and view Boston in all its splendor and squalor, but after the Russians he would stand and stare, his wrists throbbing.

14. Music
After Murphy learned of Smecker’s eccentric habit of listening to opera music while on a crime scene he took to mimicking the other, dancing around inside their apartment with a goofy grin on his face while Connor pushed him out of the way and tried to talk to the annoyed police officer on the phone.

16. Cover
Murphy caught sight of one of the men pointing a gun at Connor and he dove, knocking Connor to the ground and covering his twin’s body with his.

17. Promise
Before they left for America, Ma made Connor promise to take care of Connor, and Connor took that agreement seriously; he took care of Murphy to the end, pushing his twin aside and catching two sharp bullets to his chest.

18. Dream
Connor had sensible ideas for his future when they were younger; but Murphy was always dreaming of ways to turn the world upside down, and Connor sighed because he knew whatever Murphy was planning Connor would be there, and his own dreams became irrational.

19. Candle
Connor lit a candle every night in the church around the corner and prayed for both of their souls.

20. Talent
Murphy’s favorite trick was to curl his tongue and blow smoke rings in Connor’s face when he was trying to sleep.

22. Journey
The next time Murphy returned to Ireland it was to bury Connor and he was sick the entire way.

24. Strength
Pain lanced through Connor from the gunshot wound in his leg, but Murphy knew that Connor would cry out the least of them when the iron pressed searing into his skin; what Murphy didn’t know was that Connor drew strength from him when he clung to his brother.

25. Mask
Murphy and Connor were fraternal twins, but when they put their masks over their face, their physical differences ceased to exist and they became one and the same, moving and breathing in exact, rhythmic patterns.

26. Ice
Murphy hated winter; he hated snow and ice, but always managed to find every single ice patch on the street and slide over it while Connor laughed, until he grabbed his brother’s arm and brought them both crashing to the ground.

27. Fall
The single scariest moment of Murphy’s life was when he looked up and saw Connor falling from the top of the building; the Russian gangster holding a gun to his head never even compared.

28. Forgotten
Connor became scared of Murphy after nearly a year of killing because his twin seemed to take a certain amount of enjoyment in what they were doing, and Connor wondered if he remembered exactly why they were doing this, because Connor, himself, couldn’t remember.

29. Dance
Murphy loved to dance, and would do so by himself, because Connor felt awkward just watching his twin (because Murphy really couldn’t dance).

30. Body
Connor was splayed across the ground, two bullet wounds punctured through his torso and Murphy clung to him, because Connor was never just a body; Connor was his brother.

31. Sacred
Their rosaries hung intertwined by the doorway.

32. Farewells
When they left Ireland it was up to Connor to say the good-byes, and everyone thought Murphy was cold because he just wanted to leave without saying anything; but Connor knew it was because Murphy would have cried with each farewell he made.

33. World
Murphy was the one that wanted to go to America and wanted to see something besides Ireland, and even though Connor loved their home he knew that his place was beside Murphy.

34. Formal
Ma insisted that they had a formal education, but she also taught them things she knew they would need, like how to fight and how to speak in twelve different languages, because a part of her was aware that one day they would meet their father.

36. Laugh
Connor secretly suspected that Murphy became such a great friend for Rocco because Murphy loved to laugh more than anything and Rocco always needed somebody to laugh at his jokes.

37. Lies
Murphy lied often to Ma and got away with it, but when he came up to their room and tried to feed the same tales to Connor, his twin would slap him across the face.

38. Forever
Connor couldn’t always remember a time before the killing; it seemed to stretch infinitely into the future and continuously into the past and Murphy clambered to bring his brother back into some semblance of the present.

39. Overwhelmed
When Murphy was shot by Il Duce Connor was terrified but couldn’t stop firing his gun, had to stay concentrated, so he started screaming his brother’s name over and over, without realizing it.

40. Whisper
When they were younger, Murphy used to always whisper his prayers out loud, and Connor would quietly listen, unable to stop a pleased grin from spreading across his face at the end when Murphy asked God to watch over his brother.

41. Wait
There was a pause before they broke into Papa Joe’s house and Connor wanted to grab his brother suddenly, knowing that this was a bad idea, and whisper a warning of wait, but Murphy was already moving, excited and alive.

42. Talk
Connor and Murphy didn’t really need to talk anymore to communicate; they could tell how the other was feeling or what he was thinking just by subtle movements and expressions that nobody else would ever notice.

43. Search
Murphy had known that he wanted a tattoo for a long time, and Connor decided to get one as well, but it took them weeks to find exactly what they were looking for; strangely (or maybe not), it was in church when Murphy realized exactly what they needed to get.

44. Hope
Murphy felt hopeful as he stepped into their slum of an apartment, because Connor was by his side and their entire future was stretched wide and shining in front of him.

45. Eclipse
When Connor died, Murphy’s entire world blacked out.

46. Gravity
Connor couldn’t think as he stumbled up onto the roof with the toilet, completely consumed with saving Murphy, and nothing mattered as gravity caught hold of his body and dragged it, plummeting, to the ground.

47. Highway
Connor drove them everywhere inside the city, because Murphy had a love for and tendency to speed; but once out on the highway Connor fell whim to his brother's obsession, buckling up in the passenger seat, clutching the side door, and praying.

48. Unknown
Even though there was no actual proof some part of Murphy had always known that Connor was the older brother, because of the way Connor always took care of his twin first.

49. Lock
Connor got pissed at Murphy soon after they moved to America, because his brother was moving too fast, meeting too many people and Connor was afraid of being left behind, so he locked his brother out of their apartment until Murphy cursed and begged to be let back in.