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29 July 2006 @ 01:57 am
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Written for 1character. Fifty sentences. Spoilers for the movie they're from. ;D READDDD.

Title: Child of Mine
Fandom: Four Brothers
Character: Jack Mercer
Disclaimer: I do not own Four Brothers or any of the characters.
Rating: PG-13

01. Snow
At the Mercer house Jack quickly learned that he had to keep up with his older brothers, and by the second time it snowed during his first winter there Jack could make a perfect snowball.

02. Child
When Jack turned eighteen he went to the park and sat on the swings, watching some of the younger children playing, and vaguely wondered if he had ever really gotten the chance to be a child anyway.

03. Brick
He could see Bobby out of the corner of his eye, angrily beating somebody with a brick, and he bit back the cry that bubbled in his throat, wanting to see his brothers one more time.

04. Judgment
Jack was always angry when people passed quick judgment on his brothers, calling them delinquents and troublemakers, because they were people willing to accept a person like his last foster father just because he drove an expensive car and wore a fancy suit.

05. Powder
Ma fumed when she found out how many drugs Jack had picked up, and he didn’t even try to vindicate the rush of peace and forgetfulness that the powders proved him, just hung his head and mumbled a promise to get help.

06. Grim
When Jack heard what happened to his Ma he didn’t think he’d ever stop crying.

07. Trap
Jack should have known it was a trap, but he was too angry, because his mother was gone and his brothers were fighting and he needed a fight and was too blind to see.

08. Star
It didn’t matter to Jack that he was considered to be a third-class rock star, because he just loved the thrill of having anybody enjoy the music that he coaxed out of his guitar.

09. Possession
Ma had decided to officially adopt Jack after he had lived with them for a year and a half; she had shown him the adoption papers briefly, explaining that this meant he was officially a part of the family now, and he had smiled wide with happiness as his brothers surrounded him with a hug.

10. Bandage
Evelyn had been astounded when the brothers had come home one day, bringing Jack into the house with knuckles that needed to be bandaged, but Bobby had just proudly proclaimed that Jackie had knocked out a guy twice his size for calling him a fairy.

11. Pearl
Jack’s skin pearled with sweat the first time he got a tattoo and he had to bite down on his lower lip; but he was determined to get the first letter of his brothers’ names designed into the swirls of ink on his back.

12. Glass
Bobby took him out the day after his eighteenth birthday and kept passing him glass after glass of alcohol, laughing as Jack started to slur his words and proclaim that he could indeed hold his alcohol; Bobby had to take care of him the next morning when he was completely hung over.

13. Classified
All three of his brothers knew what had happened to him before he came to the Mercer house, but they pretended like they didn’t, treating it like it was the most classified information they had ever come across.

14. Buttons
Jack shied away from his brothers even after he had been there for awhile and had thrown a tantrum once when Angel tried to undress him for a bath; so Angel told him sternly that he could undress himself, then, and had watched with something that hinted of impressed pride as Jackie's little fingers undid all the buttons of his shirt.

15. Closet
Bobby’s entire joke about “Jackie being a fairy” came from the fact that Jack used to hide in the linen closest when he was scared and would only come out after they had spent the better part of an hour pleading.

16. Ash
Jack didn’t like to eat when he first came to the Mercer house because everything still tasted like ash in his mouth, so Jerry would volunteer to make an extra dinner for Jack of anything he wanted.

17. Definition
Jack had frowned when Angel had tried to explain what a last name was to him, and had actually looked the definition up in the dictionary that Jerry kept in his room.

18. Staircase
There was an accident one day, and Jack took a tumble down the stairs and broke his arm, but all his brothers watched in awe as the doctor set his arm, and Jack didn’t make so much as a whimper.

19. Nail
Jack came home one day from school with scratches over his wrists and Angel had frowned and asked him where he had gotten them from; when Jack muttered they were from his teacher, Bobby and Angel had gone up to the school and Jack was transferred to a different class the next day.

20. Prey
Jack still couldn’t handle watching his brothers beat on anybody, because he could still remember the time when he had been the one that was receiving the pain.

21. Backwards
When Jack turned thirteen, one of his aunts tried to adopt him and Jack stopped talking and eating again and when Angel came in to give him the news that the entire thing was over with, he cried like he eight for three hours on Angel’s shoulder.

22. Trouble
Jack had never seen Bobby so angry as the time when some ninth grader picked on him when he started going to school again; Bobby had sent Jack home with Jerry to get bandaged up and then proceeded to make sure the ninth grader never so much as looked at Jack again.

23. Little
He was always the littlest Mercer brother, no matter who passed through the house, and while that meant he always had Bobby’s, Angel’s and Jerry’s protection, it also meant that he bore the full brunt of their teasing.

24. Collar
The first time Jack ever wore a suit was for Jerry’s wedding, and he kept fidgeting with the collar, nervous, because Jerry had asked him to be the best man.

25. Circle
The brothers stood in a circle when they prayed, hands linked and honestly thankful that they had been brought together, even if it was through pain.

26. Hands
Jack’s first memory of Evelyn was of her hands; instead of bringing hurt and shame upon him like everyone else’s, they were always open and gentle.

27. Freedom
Jack envied the freedom other children had, glancing out the window of his first foster home.

28. Last
The last time Jack saw his Ma was when he was moving out, and she had clung to him, obviously trying not to cry as she let go of her last baby.

29. Scab
Jack was always self-conscious about the scabs and scars his body was always covered in, but Jerry, the quiet one of the pack, had pulled him aside one day and showed him his own scars.

30. Crown
Jack’s crowning achievement was when he finally finished writing his first song and was able to play it for his Ma and brothers.

31. Time
Jack didn’t say a single word for nearly a week after they brought him to the Mercers, but Ma was diligent, telling the boys to just give him time.

32. Rice
Jack wanted to make dinner one night to surprise Ma; but instead he spilled a pot of rice and Angel had to come downstairs and clean it up, Bobby had to run to the store to get more ingredients and Jerry looked through cookbooks for something they could actually make.

33. Worn
They all sneaked out of the house one night to see a movie that Ma had forbidden, but Jack shivered the entire night, defiantly going in just a ripped t-shirt; finally, Bobby rolled his eyes and threw his worn, leather jacket at Jack’s head.

34. Paint
Jack couldn’t fathom the idea of his own room when he first moved in, much less the entire Saturday that his brothers spent in repainting it when Ma had gotten Jack to whisper that his favorite color was blue.

35. Ache
The first time someone kissed Jack was when he was fourteen, and he felt a familiar ache of fear and sickness in the pit of his stomach and had to pull away, ashamed.

36. Cherry
Evelyn caught him with his pockets full of food – old bread rolls from dinner and half-eaten chocolate chip cookies – and when Bobby found out he rolled his eyes, went to the freezer and got Jack a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

37. Library
Jack learned everything that was important to him from his brothers’ knowledge that seemed to span further than a roomful of books could; they taught him how to live and protect his life.

38. Win
Bobby taught Jack how to play hockey when he first came, but he was small and scrawny and got pushed around for a long time, so when the Mercer brothers won their first hockey game because Jack hit the winning goal Jack couldn’t stop re-enacting the entire game.

39. Loss
Jack hated it when his brothers moved out of the house one by one – Bobby off to make trouble, Angel off to the marines, Jerry to get married – and would lock himself in his bedroom for hours, headphones on, pretending that he wasn’t crying.

40. Fold
Bobby, Jerry and Angel were used to various foster kids passing in and out of their house, but when Jack came to them, they knew that he was staying and that he was theirs to protect, teach and enter into the fold.

41. Music
The first time Jack heard a guitar something inside of him was moved; and he saved up the little allowance that Ma gave him for six months so that he could buy a cheap guitar and pluck at the strings, testing notes.

42. Bell
Evelyn was always worried about the boys being late to school, but that was one thing that they never managed to do because they were always racing each other down the street, trying to beat each other, and never mind the school bell.

43. Sleep
Jack couldn’t sleep for a long time even after he came to the Mercer house, and would stay awake staring at the shadows in the corners of his room waiting for them to attack; but when his brothers found out about this they took turns sleeping in his room, on the floor, every night.

44. Contact
Bobby was frustrated for weeks after Jack arrived because the younger still flinched away from him, long after he was comfortable with Angel and Jerry; finally Bobby grabbed him one day and told him sharply that they were brothers and Jack had stared at him for a moment before carefully hugging him.

45. Electricity
Jack was homesick when he first left and it wasn’t until his band played their first show and Jack could taste the excitement and electricity ricocheting and rolling through the crowd that he started to feel at ease again.

46. Milk
The first time he wrestled with his brothers it was because Jack wanted the last of the milk and Bobby had the bottle in his hand with a smirk on his face, saying that he bet Jack couldn’t pin him.

47. Wild
Jack nearly lost himself when he was seventeen, caught between drugs and parties and his insatiable lust for rock, but he tried to shape up the instant he came home sick one night and made his Ma cry.

48. Expectation
Jack had been terrified when he found out he was being placed in a home with three boys older than him, suspecting he was going to be picked on when he arrived and was probably going to have to constantly steal food; it was only when Jerry took his hand and showed him which room was his that he started to wonder that maybe this time would be different.

49. Mechanism
When Jack arrived at the Mercer house there were certain odd things engrained in his behavior - defensive mechanisms that had been instilled from his various foster homes, like his stutter and soft voice, but he shed those after a while, his brothers being all the protection he needed.

50. Finale
Some part of him was scared, blood flecking his lips and spilling down to his chin, but the other part of him wanted to tell Bobby that it was okay, because he really was safe now.