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22 July 2006 @ 06:10 pm
[mood| lazy]
[music| ]SURRENDER by Matchbook Romance

These are the sentences I did for 1sentence. They're based off the original characters that I'm working with in the book that I'll be writing (er, eventually) and am working on right now. I know some of these won't make a whole lot of sense, but it's only fifty sentences, so if everyone could read them over, feed back is appreciated like woah. There may even be cookies at the end.

Fandom: Original
Pairing: Amaree Arellei x William Marquis
Theme set: Beta
Rating: PG-13

01. Walking
Charlotte had stared at William for a scarce second when he had told her about the wedding before turning on her heel and shutting the door with an echo that resonated long after it had been shut.

02. Waltz
William had to teach her how to dance for the wedding and enjoyed it more than he should have when she blushed at not instantly excelling.

03. Wishes
It sometimes hurt so bad when Amaree thought about William and she just wished that the whole world would just work itself out.

04. Wonder
William would read the reports and news on Amaree and vaguely wonder in some little part in the back of his mind what she would look like when she had gone home and rinsed the blood and pain from her face.

05. Worry
On their wedding night Amaree couldn’t sleep and had stayed up watching William, suddenly afraid and acutely aware of just how mortal William was and how their lives could never be the same.

06. Whimsy
William had always been waiting for Amaree to grow bored with this daydream, and was amazed and enthralled every time she didn’t.

07. Waste/Wasteland
Amaree was scared the first time she noticed William; that she would eventually lead him into the wasteland of the world she lived in.

08. Whiskey and Rum
He had gone too far one night when he was drunk and told her that she could bite him if she wanted to, but she had just kissed the side of his neck, saying she had liked it unscarred.

09. War
Amaree had been born and consumed into the war, so William would tell her stories about a world from before that he had never seen either.

10. Weddings
William looked radiant on their wedding day and Amaree didn’t have the heart to tell him that instead of being the happiest day of her life, it was the most terrifying - and considering her line of work, that was saying something.

11. Birthday
Vampires didn’t celebrate birthdays, so William had looked around for a long time until he found Amaree’s and had completely surprised her.

12. Blessing
Amaree had gone to see her father by herself to tell him about William and he had smiled sadly at her and told her that some things just ran in the family; Amaree blanched.

13. Bias
Alexander – her brother, her archrival, her cruelest critic – could never miss the opportunity to throw a well-aimed comment about her new lifestyle and how apt it was that she was jagged puzzle piece inside it.

14. Burning
William would never tell Amaree, but he was fearful of what she had been when she was fueled by blood boiling through her veins and reigned fire down on the world.

15. Breathing
William hadn’t been sure that she actually had to draw breath when they first met, so he would stay up at night, pretending to be asleep, so that he could listen to the soft and steady rhythm.

16. Breaking
Amaree had arrived at his door one night, bloody, bruised and broken, and he couldn’t help but want to fix her.

17. Belief
William can remember his father pointing out Amaree to him when her mother died, with a warning that Amaree might become the next vampiric assassin; William had a feeling he was wrong for once.

18. Balloon
A month before their wedding, William took Amaree out in the middle of the day and she stared at the sky and felt as though she were free and wild and floating.

19. Balcony
“You’re not a Juliet; even if you get your balcony scene, this won’t cause anything but more problems,” Alexander had laughed at Amaree when he found out.

20. Bane
William had hated Alexander since the first moment he laid eyes on the boy, but would always bite his tongue because he was the last link Amaree had to home.

21. Quiet
It was dead silent and peaceful when he kissed her for the first time and he had almost expected for the whole world to shatter around them.

22. Quirks
Amaree had this habit of tapping on her eyeteeth whenever she was thinking and nervous that made people squirm; William enjoyed watching.

23. Question
“Out of the question – I’ll disown you.” William’s father had snapped at him when he had made the announcement.

24. Quarrel
William had lost his temper once with Amaree and told her heatedly that she needed to just accept and stop fighting the fact that she was happy with him.

25. Quitting
William asked Amaree to marry him every time they met together and after he asked twenty-one times, she walked up to him before he could ask again, smiled a little and told him that she had deserted her post.

26. Jump
Amaree got frustrated when William kept asking her to marry him, but he told her it just took a leap of faith.

27. Jester
Amaree had told him straightforward that she thought he was a fool after a month of their affair, but that never stopped her from laughing at his jokes either.

28. Jousting
Alexander had mockingly told William one time that he would fight him for the rights to Amaree; William had slapped him and told him coldly to get out.

29. Jewel
Amaree had stared at the ring when he first bought it; the idea of wedding rings were so archaic now, but that didn’t stop her from getting tears in her eyes.

30. Just
Amaree had always thought she was fighting for some semblance of justice when she worked, but the glimpse of one of her hostage’s faces once upon a time told her otherwise.

31. Smirk
When William had brought Amaree to meet his father for the first time, he didn’t tell him who she was and his father decided that he should marry this stranger.

32. Sorrow
When Hunter died William remembered seeing Amaree at his funeral, and he couldn’t quite understand how she had dared to show up; but the look in her eyes made it seem that she was just as mournful as the others, even if she had helped kill him.

33. Stupidity
William and Amaree were both accustomed to being told what they were doing was foolish and would never work, but had learned to ignore the insults.

34. Serenade
William knew it was wrong, but to embarrass Amaree one time, he had started dancing and singing down the street while she pretended not to know him.

35. Sarcasm
Amaree always had a witty, biting comeback to everything she was told and sometimes William had to just press his fingers up against her lips and then she would fall quiet with a soft smile.

36. Sordid
Someone had once told William that he held a disgusting amount of interest in the research work he did, but it took him long after he had met Amaree to believe it.

37. Soliloquy
William had spent an entire night one time whispering all the reasons Amaree should marry him, but Amaree remained silent.

38. Sojourn
Amaree was dubious the first time she stayed at William’s place overnight, but did stay and didn’t make it for training the next morning.

39. Share
Alexander whispered the secret into her ear and it made her blood run cold as everything that she had learned to love with William was suddenly shifted out of clarity.

40. Solitary
Amaree left originally because she thought she needed to sort out exactly where she should be, but every day she was gone it became abundantly and annoyingly clear that she had already chosen where she wanted to be.

41. Nowhere
William held Amaree tightly when she came home again, amazed that she was back, even if she’d only repeated one word when he asked her where she’d been.

42. Neutral
William had always thought that with his research job he had stayed well out of the way of the war, buried in the past; but with Amaree it all came catching back up to him.

43. Nuance
William adored running his fingers up the underside of Amaree’s arm where she had a branding tattoo; he was able to feel just the slightest different between the mark and her skin.

44. Near
William’s room had contained piles of information about Amaree from when he had done his job, but after he met her he hid all the files away.

45. Natural
After the first time they kissed, William checked his neck in the mirror the next morning.

46. Horizon
Amaree had the file about her family clutched to her chest and was looking at William as though she didn’t know who he was anymore; he could feel his entire skyline collapse around himself.

47. Valiant
There had been an assassin sent once to kill Amaree and though William couldn’t fight to save his own life, he had fought to try and save hers.

48. Virtuous
Amaree felt lost around William a lot of the time, because she couldn’t comprehend how anyone could be so good and pure in such a world and still be able to smile about it.

49. Victory
William had been held hostage by one of Amaree’s groups before and he remembered that when she walked in the room, everyone had gone silent; and for a moment their eyes had met and he couldn’t believe that she was the leader that had just won a battle.

50. Defeat
William could distinctly remember what Amaree had looked like when they had dragged her into his mansion; sleeping and streaked with blood, fresh from the battle she had just lost.